AML - Lawyer Society

About us

AML is a boutique Law firm, being the result of an internal restructuring, maintaining the ideals and principles underlying traditional Advocacy, but with the innovation that the globalized world requires, committed to providing excellent legal services in its practice areas.

AML introduced itself to the market by providing legal services in all areas of Law, with the advice provided by its consultants, lawyers and trainers, dedicated to the exclusive practice of Labor Law and Criminal Law.

The company benefits from a team of young lawyers, who, due to their recent academic training and specialization, have been working in areas of innovation in Law. AML intends to harmonize joviality and the new Law, with the Advocacy intrinsic values, maintaining the ethical principles and human values adopted by its founding partner.

Our mission is to establish a solid relationship with our customers, based on trust and proximity, ensuring that they are provided with an excellent service, seeking recognition for quality, rigor and honesty.