AML - Lawyer Society

Business Areas

AML proudly reflects an internal structure and work division of a boutique Law firm, assigning a responsible Lawyer with high knowledge and experience in a specific area of activity, taking responsibility for the team work of that department. This way of working, which provides a more direct and personal contact with the Client, makes it possible to carry out the legal services contracted with the greatest possible rigor, a mark that distinguishes AML in the market.

Bankruptcy and Corporate Recovery
The experience and in-depth knowledge of the AML Bankruptcy and Restructuring team, in all judicial and extrajudicial phases of these special cases, allows us to provide legal advice on matters related to:

- The bankruptcy of natural and legal persons;
- The corporate recovery and restructuring;
- The preparation and processing of insolvency plans;
- Assistance in special revitalization processes;
- Advising creditors at all stages of the process;
- Legal advice to insolvent masses and judicial administrators;
- Advice on insolvency qualification incidents.


Banking Litigation
Experienced and rigorous team in banking litigation and credit recovery, guaranteeing AML customers the greatest possible probability of reimbursing their credits, triggering any legal mechanisms required.


Tax Law
In an area of constant change, uncertain and with a high degree of subjectivity by the Portuguese Tax Administration in the interpretation and application of tax rules, the AML Tax Law team provides a global advisory service to its Clients in matters as diverse as:

- National and international tax planning
- Tax litigation
- Support to private clients and structuring of family heritage.
- Support for IRC, IRS, VAT, IMI, IMT, Stamp Duty and Special Consumption Taxes
- Transfer prices


Labor Law
Our Labor Law team has an extensive experience in the most diverse subjects related to labor matters and related areas. Aware of the need to promote an adequate and effective management of industrial relations between employers and workers, we provide advice on the most diverse subjects and relevant operations in labor matters, both in the monitoring of disciplinary proceedings and litigation.

Among our services, we highlight:

- Individual hiring, including foreign workers and senior staff, as well as special forms of job provision, such as teleworking or temporary work.
- Legal support in company restructuring processes, including, in particular, collective redundancies, job losses, agreements to revoke employment contracts, lay-off procedures;
- Labor and social security jurisdictional and administrative offenses, and diverse litigation, with repercussions on labor relations.


Criminal Law, Economic Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses
The Criminal, Economic Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses team has extensive knowledge and experience in defense and prosecution in criminal proceedings, with a special focus on economic crimes, such as fraud, corruption and tax crimes, also representing their Clients in lawsuits, administrative offenses instituted by regulatory authorities in the areas of banking and capital markets, health and the insurance sector.

Commercial and Corporate Law and M&A
The AML Commercial, Corporate and M&A team provides legal advice to national and international Clients in the most diverse sectors of economic activity, namely, legal advice on various aspects of the companies' daily activities. In the corporate and mergers and acquisitions domain, our team is dedicated to the organization and monitoring of operations for the acquisition and sale of companies, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, shareholders' agreements, corporate restructuring, corporate governance and compliance.


Immigration Law
The global market is an unavoidable phenomenon in the Law universe. The AML Immigration Law team provides legal advice to foreign clients, in the fields of acquiring nationality, when entering and staying in national territory, leaving national territory; conditions for the entry and stay of foreigners for short periods also those who, for economic, family or other reasons, intend to settle in the national territory.

Civil Law
In this multidisciplinary and comprehensive area of Law, AML is prepared to respond to all requests addressed by our Clients in matters of Civil Liability, Contracts, Real Rights and Inheritance.

Registries and Notaries
AML has extensive experience and knowledge in all matters related to Registries and Notaries. Our services include obtaining documents from notary offices, land registry offices, commercial and civil registry offices or any other entity, private document authentication (all contracts subject to registration) and depositing them at the respective office, the practice of registrations and request for issuing certificates, scheduling and monitoring of deeds.